5 Steps to get started with LinkedIn

To get started you’ll need access to Campaign Manager. If you don’t have a Campaign Manager account, it only takes a moment to create one.

In this article, you’ll learn what Google ads are, how Google ads work, and why you should run your own Google ads.

1. Choose your objective:

Each campaign begins by choosing the objectives that matter most, across awareness, consideration or conversions.

2. Select your targeting criteria

Reach the right audience by using LinkedIn’s targeting tools for campaign success. Choose from over 20 different audience attribute categories.

3. Choose your LinkedIn ad format

Now that you are logged in to Campaign Manager, it’s time to create and manage your ad campaigns. You can use Sponsored Content, Message Ads, Dynamic Ads, Text Ads, or a mix of all four.

4. Select your budget and schedule

Now that you’ve selected your audience, it’s time to set the budget and schedule for your campaign.

5. Measure and optimize your campaign

Congratulations, your LinkedIn advertising campaign is live! Now it’s time to see how your ads are performing. You can access your analytics by visiting Campaign Manager and selecting the campaigns you want to evaluate.